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Permeateq is a leading Hospital Management Software Development Company and solution provider that caters healthcare organizations, hospitals and clinical chains with an end-to-end, integrated and decentralized Hospital management software. Designed for all key healthcare stakeholders, our Web and App Development Services integrate software systems for all value chain participants (Patient, Doctor, Pharmacist, Radiologist, Accountant, Receptionist, and more) to create a well-coordinated and collaborated ecosystem.

Armed with an expansive healthcare portfolio, our hospital administration solutions have helped hospitals to optimize, automate and manage the entire workflows, which in turn, helps them to enhance patient satisfaction, reduce operational costs and ensure positive outcomes.

So, if your hospital is coping with longstanding industry inefficiency, poor consumer experience and complexity; partner with Permeateq as our web-based custom HMS software aims to remove healthcare bottlenecks, disjointed communication, and delays in the care process.

Care For All. Solution For All.

Our Hospital Software Development

Permeateq provides a holistic hospital management solution for all healthcare providers including stakeholders like Doctors, Pharmacists, Radiologist, Pathologist, Accountant and more. Our future-ready design and technologically advanced business case for clinic management and smart hospitals helps in reducing operational cost, promote paperless flow while ensuring greater patient engagement and efficiency.


Our Healthcare Paradigm: Fragmented yet integrated, decentralized proven model to outperform

hospital software doctor portal

Doctor Portal

Permeateq's healthcare software solutions offers hospitals a host of features for Doctor Web Application that helps them improve patient experience, improve quality of care, and optimize workflows. All within a simple user interface. Open to customization, some of the vital features of Doctor Web Platform in our hospital management system software includes:

  • An appointment scheduling software to create and manage patient appointments
  • The system enables to manage patient appointments in OPD, IPD & OT
  • A digital assistant to create e-prescriptions for their patients
  • Minimize wait times and maximize beds occupancy through bed assignment & management
  • Ability to manage patients admissions and set up live consultation if required
  • Doctors can manage their practice using report management
  • A smart system to access their organized payroll data
  • Amplify productivity by setting their schedules for respective dates on calendar
  • Other features like viewing latest notice, getting notified on new activity, creating documents, etc.
hospital software patient portal

Patient Portal

Gain access to an online interactive tool for patients designed to improve the customer experience, increase patient satisfaction, and promote transparency. Our nimble and futuristic design for patient web portal development encourages positive outcomes through features like:

  • Online scheduling allows patients to book a new appointment
  • Patients can access their upcoming appointments with status of Approve/Pending
  • Option to view their prescriptions online and adhere to medication
  • Patients can track their own OPD appointments, OPD visits & IPD treatment
  • Can see basic details of their doctor (qualifications, timings, fees) and message them
  • Can see their admin and operation history (dates, reports, narratives, charges)
  • Ability to see invoices and bills of patient with a liberty to download them
  • Extra features such as viewing list of documents, latest notice, getting notifications, etc.
hospital software radiology portal

Radiology Management

An integrated radiology management platform that provides full flexibility in daily workflow, manage and analyze lab operations with better insights and expertise. Our online tool integrated in hospital management solution help you upload and streamline radiology workflows with smart features like:

  • A smart system to access radiologists leaves and payroll data
  • Improve interdepartmental communication by posting emails, SMS to staff
  • A dynamic and interactive platform to upload content
  • An online radiology report viewing system with patient details and doctor’s prescription
  • The system enables to add charges for the test by adding all related details
  • Ensures better transparency by adding charges for the test
  • Connect other specialists through live video consultations, conduct meetings and delete sessions
hospital software pathology management

Pathology Management

Permeateq’s integrated and secured custom pathology lab management system is designed for coordinating and managing all the vital activities involved in the pathology center. From booking patients test to live video consultation, the features are developed to save time and increase productivity

  • Enables pathologists to add pathology test of patients
  • Maintain patients’ history and view patients’ test reports with an ability to download them
  • Be a part of LIVE video consultation, have live meeting with patient and manage sessions
  • Can access their leaves and payroll status and apply for leave against given types
  • Email and SMS facility to communicate inter department
  • Keep track of all pathology reports, view and download them instantly
  • Easy accessibility to patient list and full control to upload content
  • Pathologists can add, update respective charges for different tests in their department
hospital software accounts portal

Account Management

Account management is a significant tool for hospitals that optimizes and streamlines collaboration across multiple divisions of healthcare system like out-patient, in-patient, birth records, billing and payroll, and many more. At Permeateq, we have designed a healthcare software that meets core of your hospital and functions as a tool to help your team of accountants.

  • Ability to manage and download invoices created against any purchase or bills generated
  • Have full authority to access bills generated against income and expenses.
  • Accountants can easily access payrolls of all staff members and mark salary status.
  • All controls to see income list, manage payments against any expenses.
  • Can see the latest notifications from staff, admin, and against patients’ bill payments.
hospital software reception portal

Reception Portal

A fully functional online tool for receptionist to secure your hospital, improve work efficiency and patient satisfaction. Having this all-inclusive receptionist portal at your front desk can help you simplify the front desk operations mostly burdened in managing visitors.

  • Receptionist can create and manage all OPD appointments, visitors, postal & complaint
  • Have full control to see, approve and manage requested appointments by patients
  • Have authority to manage all services (Ambulance, insurance, packages, blood bank)
  • Easy accessibility to view patients details under all departments (OPD, IPD, OT)
  • Right to access their payrolls department wise and filter by month and year
  • Maintain seamless communication by sending mails, messages to department, patients
  • Can create noticeboards, send it to individuals or broadcast it to all departments
hospital software pharmacy portal

Pharmacy Management

User friendly, secured and smart automated pharmacy management solution built-in as an integral part of the system to ensure easy accessibility for pharmacists to conduct day-to-day pharmacy operations. Open to customizability, some of the primary features of our < strong>health software includes:

  • The system enables pharmacists to manage medicine categories while adding medicines
  • Manage medicine bills and add stock/quantity with medicine composition and unit cost.
  • Be notified for alerts like messages, reports, and new medicine by admin, etc.
  • View and download reports of medicine bills and filter them date-wise and by other details.
  • View reports of expired medicines labelled at the time of stock purchase.
  • Purchase medicines by choosing the supplier, mentioning details and in-turn get automated costs.
  • Import stock details and add CSV/Excel file to update stock.
  • An option to set up live consultation session with patients.
hospital software admin panel

Admin Panel

The Admin is a planner, supervisor, and oversees all the day-to-day administrative operations in the hospital facilities. In order to ensure a hospital is in compliance with its internal policies and other medical regulations we have designed the admin responsibilities that adhere with entire medical services. You can also get built features that matches your hospital requirements. Our solution includes features like:

  • Admin can manage all the departments and users list with their current status
  • Manage departments and roles and set permissions for all members based on their profiles
  • View visual dashboard with details like total income, latest events, upcoming appointments, etc.
  • Access hospital monitoring with total patients’ data department wise and check on patient detail
  • View and access list of total appointments and the respected members along with date
  • Access, download, print system generated bills, invoices and the payments done for stock by the system
  • Access total medicines listed in stock with their purchase details and units available
  • Access payrolls of all the staff members department wise and check their current status
  • Have setting option for all the departments and its members individually with full control to set its permissions
  • Create notice boards or say notifications to be send to different departments.
hospital software super admin

Super Admin

Our Super Admin Panel in hospital information management solution is designed to simplify the complex and cumbersome process of different medical facilities in the healthcare system. From overseeing the financial health of the departments to managing staff, records, and health informatics to ensuring compliance with internal policies, the super admin panel focus on value and accountability. Some of its key features include:

  • Super Admin has the ability to manage admin,setup department action items
  • Create roles, assign and manage various staffs roles and set permissions
  • Approve and disapprove leaves, manage attendance
  • View income versus expenses, manage appointments and schedules
  • Have an overall bird view on the numbers of patient, and staffs in the system
  • View the logs of the staff members to access the information
  • Access to all the reports including transaction report, patient, doctor, other staff and departments.
  • Authority to send notices, events and announcement
  • Manage site setting, CMS and Calendars
  • Manage modules, create backup and restore
55+ Modules And Product Features

Be Resilient With Our Full-Suite Of
Healthcare Modules

Navigate. Accelerate. Disrupt and finally REFORM with our intellectual, extensive set of modules and features consolidated for managed care in thehospitals and healthcare organizations. Designed and integrated around the patient-centered ecosystem, our fully customizable, versatile, market-ready product for hospital management system promises to exceed industry high-standards, demonstrate better financial performance with smootherworkflow and managed care model.

Get ready to “build a meaningful healthcare organization, seize that disruptive change, and separate yourself from the pack” as we bring to you a comprehensive ready-made hospital software development solution armed with performance hacking, feature-rich modules. Take a peep:

  • doctorDoctor
  • patientsPatients
  • nursesNurses
  • receptionistsReceptionists
  • lab technicianLab Technician
  • pharmacistsPharmacists
  • radiologyRadiology
  • accountantsAccountants
  • accountsAccounts
  • appointmentsAppointments
  • advance paymentsAdvance Pay..
  • dashboardDashboard
  • employee payrollsEmployee
  • schedulesSchedules
  • beds statusBeds Status
  • beds assignsBeds Assigns
  • blood bankBlood Bank
  • blood donorsBlood Donors
  • medicinesMedicines Cat..
  • medicines brandMedicines Brand
  • bed typesBed Types
  • document typesDocument Types
  • documentsDocuments
  • birth reportsBirth Reports
  • insuranceInsurance
  • operation reportsOperation Reports
  • invoicesInvoices
  • doctor opdDoctor OPD
  • billsBills
  • PaymentPayment
  • doctor deptDoctor Dept.
  • operation historyOperation History
  • prescriptionsPrescriptions
  • ambulanceAmbulance
  • expensesExpenses
  • casesCases
  • enquiryEnquiry
  • settingSetting
  • incomeIncome
  • investigationInvestigation
  • mailMail
  • pathology testsPathology Tests
Benefits Of Investing In Our Hospital Web Software Solution

Why Go Digital with Permeateq?


Fast Implementation

Our healthcare developers have enabled diversified multi-specialty hospitals build mission critical applications loaded with enhanced features and solutions and helped them innovate their healthcare settings in no time.


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Book a free demo and we will give you a trip to our comprehensive hospital management solution in real-time. Know that it’s a product open to customization designed for small scale to large scale hospitals.


Customized Offerings

Permeateq allows organizations to develop a totally new and custom hospital and clinic management system all under your own unique brand. Web applications implemented with personalization are generated quickly without investing much in encoding effort.


Custom Integrations

Stakeholders can access right data at right time by Permeateq’s custom integrations. Our healthcare integration services have helped meet unique requirements and goals of various hospitals geographically.


Competitive Prices

The app and web built by us are highly affordable and scalable. Our solutions are flexible enough to accommodate your custom requirements.


Legal Compliance

Our solutions matches all healthcare regulations and compliance. We assure the products delivered by us complies with relevant security, privacy, and requirements.


Full Data Security & Reliability

All information shared and stored with us is fully encrypted and confidential. Our security and privacy programs are built to highest industry standards. Your data is always safe with us.


Dedicated Healthcare Developers

Hire our dedicated team of healthcare app developers and web developers and leverage our technology expertise in HMS, RPM, Web Applicationsand mHealth applications.

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